Giving Back

As our days of parenting continue on, the more complicated it gets. Complicated seems negative. Not intentional. Just seems like the best fit for my current state of….uncertainty? learning?

Although the days of Leighton needing assistance with eating and diaper changes, inconsistent sleep…you name it…..are very much still in full swing, parenting has taken on a whole new meaning with our talkative, inquisitive, passionate, and not to mention defiantly, compliant 2.5 year old. Yes I said it. Defiant and compliant all at the SAME time. Possible? Sure seems that way. What used to be lots of just cleaning up of messes and watching to ensure they are safe, has become carefully making word choices, deciding quickly how to handle a tantrum or inappropriate behavior, and balancing teaching lessons while remembering he’s not yet 3. Complicated, right?

The whole point of this story is not to say wow this is hard. It’s to say: as a result of devoting more than half my time to worrying about how to raise a gentleman and eventually lady, I have come across a couple organizations we love, who contribute to great causes and have a social mission.

In a connected world, where the ability to reach and effect others is instantaneous, I love to find companies who are using it to strengthen our society. Teaching our kids to give back and to make others important is something that is very important to me. Regardless of how hard a moment might feel, giving back changes the conversation.

5 of our favorite organizations supporting a good cause!

Cuddle and Kind

66 million primary school-aged children attend class hungry every day and 45% of deaths in children are a result of poor nutrition. Cuddle and Kind donates 10 meals for every doll purchased. Not only are these sweet dolls just the cutest, they have names and you even get cute nursery or kid room prints!

Kid box

Every quarter we receive two amazing boxes of clothes that fit the season and the size of our littles. The boxes are made up of types of items and styles that we have specified. But that is not it! Regardless of the fact that we personally decide to keep the whole box every time, you decide what items you like or buy the whole box and get a discount. Joe’s, Splendid, Guess, Bombas, 7 for all Mankind, Roxy, you name it. Great Brands.

With every box you keep, KidBox clothes a child in need. Kidbox has donated over 12.5 million in new clothing to date.


Well, I mentioned Bombas in my Kidbox, so let’s share this great cause next! For every pair of socks purchased, a pair is donated! 15 million pairs have been donated to date! Not to mention, these comfy socks are really well made and will sustain the active kid test

Imperfect Produce

Not kid related, BUT we always strive to eat Organic. And what better way than to get these items at a more affordable price while supporting a great cause. 20 billion pounds of fruit and veggies go to waste on farms each year, oftentimes because they don’t live up to the cosmetic standards of grocery stores. So, this is how it works; they source food directly from the farms, you decide what items you want each week, they deliver the box of fruits/veggies to your door, and you enjoy them at a reduced price. 40 millions pounds of food have been saved and 1.5 million pounds of food have been donated.


State Bags

Although we haven’t yet purchased one, I am awaiting our kids school years, to be able to contribute! For every STATE bag purchased, STATE supports American children and families by donating fully-stocked backpacks or funding special projects through partner charities. You can even buy it on Amazon!

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