Bedtime Redefined

Bedtime: The perfect time for kids to make requests, ask questions, and desire to clean up every toy, even those already put away.

For those with toddlers, oh my does bedtime take a turn when they can get up out of bed and when they try to drag bedtime out like it’s a marathon.

Mommy, I need something.

Mommy, can I have one more kiss?

Mommy, I need one more hug.

Mommy, I’m hot.

Mommy, I’m hungry.

Mommy, I need to brush my teeth again.

Mommy, can you turn on the bathroom light?

Mommy, I need water.

Mommy, I need to go potty.

Mommy, I want milk.

Mommy, can we go to Papa and Omis tomorrow?

Mommy, where is Leighton? (He very well knows she is in bed)

Mommy, I have a secret? Oo, what is it? Ummmmmmmmm

Mommy, I need another hug.

Mommy, I love you. (Oh well shoot, how can I get mad?)

Mommy, I am cold.

Mommy, I am hot.

Mommy, I need another stuffed animal.

Mommy, I need a toy.

Mommy, I need ONE more hug.

I think I get my 10,000 steps in trying to put him down and we live in a tiny apartment where i can almost rub his back while watching tv in the living room.

And still, I love this time. I love this one more hug. this one more kiss. this one more snuggle…because I miss each phase these kiddos go through.

Cherishing this life….even if mommy is excessively over used at bedtime.

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